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Last call…

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If you are going to need any products before July, you need to get your orders in soon so that I have time to make a batch just for you. I will be out of town for most of June. Please contact me soon, if there is something that you need.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!



Use up all those Dandelions!

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Use up all those Dandelions!

How to make a homemade Skin Toner…

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How to make a homemade Skin Toner…

Natural Hair Care

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Natural Hair Care

How do thick, curly-haired girls keep their hair healthy & happy looking without chemicals?
We make a paste with baking soda & a little water & rub it in like shampoo. Comb it throughout your hair & let sit for a few minutes. Then spritz with 1:6 ratio apple cider vinegar water mixture, massage & comb through again. Rinse with water & (optional) spray with homemade detangler (1tbsp your favorite conditioner per 8oz warm water & shake) & comb!

Happy Monday!

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I hope that you all are enjoying our beautiful spring weather that we’ve been having.

My favorite thing is my daughter noticing all of the subtle changes outside. We go for walks almost every morning, she in her stroller with me behind. I’ll see her point to something, so I’ll look . . .

“Are you looking at the trees, honey?”

“Yeah, Mommyo, uh huh!”

“Let’s say good morning to the trees. Good morning trees. Thank you for growing leaves to help shade us from the sun.”

“Goomoornin twees!”

We do this for everything she notices. Remembering to be grateful for all of the things provided by the planet is a great way to start the morning. Even the bugs, & spiderwebs, & wind…they all serve a purpose.

Now it’s time to get the boys off to school so that we can take our magical walk & say “Goomoorin” to everything & everyone we see. Then I’ll be making some new treats for you all to enjoy! 

I’m currently testing an all natural liquid dishwasher detergent….watch for a post with the results later on today!

Have a wonderful day & don’t forget that being grateful is an action, not a feeling!


To All the Mothers & Others Who Do the Jobs of Mothers

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Happy Mother’s Day,
To everyone who has given birth;
Everyone who wanted too, but couldn’t.
To everyone who has hugged, kissed, laughed with, tickled, comforted, rocked, nursed, danced with, sang to, appreciated, or taught a child.
To anyone who said “why is that child crying?” & made it their goal to help
Thank you.
Have a wonderful, blessed, sunshiney day!

Get your orders in soon!

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I will be out of town for most of June, if you’ll need any products before July, contact me now with your order & when you’d like it ready.
Thanks Everyone! You’re Awesome!


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