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To All the Mothers & Others Who Do the Jobs of Mothers

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Happy Mother’s Day,
To everyone who has given birth;
Everyone who wanted too, but couldn’t.
To everyone who has hugged, kissed, laughed with, tickled, comforted, rocked, nursed, danced with, sang to, appreciated, or taught a child.
To anyone who said “why is that child crying?” & made it their goal to help
Thank you.
Have a wonderful, blessed, sunshiney day!


About prappleye

I am the mother of 2 teenage boys a li'l toddler mud-skippin' princess. I'm a truth-seeking, peace-loving Unitarian Universalist, with an over-opinionated big mouth (& big brain to match). I'm married to my best friend! Just started my own business, I teach sexuality education, I am a part-time administrator, I am the Religious Education Coordinator at my church (, I am a special ed para-educator, specializing in autistic students. We love big, reuse, recycle, eat (reasonably) healthy, enjoy life, respect every living creature, & live in the last best place! Life is so good, & so exciting!!

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