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I am disappointed in my dish soaps.

I made a powder detergent for the dishwasher & our water is SO hard here that it wasn’t rinsing very nicely. I found a recipe for a liquid dishwasher detergent…it’s only a little better.

I also have tried a couple of liquid dish soaps for hand-washing dishes. They are okay, but so far I’m not super impressed.

Here’s the deal…if you have purchased any of my dish soaps from me, I want to give you another product (the same ounces as your dish soap purchase)…anything you want.

And…I’m removing the dish soap from my product list until I find something that I’m completely happy with.



I’m not weird, I’m Autistic!

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I wrote this on my other blog…the one that I always forget that I have. I know that it’s not business/product related, but when I stumbled upon it today, it made me cry. I was writing about my, now 15 yr old, son about a month before his little brother was diagnosed with cancer. I just thought I’d share.

Prappleye's Blog

It’s fair to say that my son, R, is one of the smartest, sweetest, most considerate people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Some of that comes from his upbringing & the influence of his role models here in the home, over his last 12 years. However, I think I have to thank Autism for the rest.
Autism. It is considered, by many, something to cure, something to treat, something to study & analyze. R thinks of it as something that makes him special. It is something that we live with. Everyday there are challenges, not just for R. Everyday there are things not to be easily understood, not just for R. More than half of the children that I meet in the schools are struggling with something. Some of them it’s socially, like my guy. Some of them it’s reading or math or writing. Only a…

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(55+ version!!!!) women. raw. honest. loved.

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I am now home & back to work! Get your orders in!

Now…what was I doing while I was away, you ask? Well, I was “Nana-sitting” while my parents were on vacation, to be honest, but it wasn’t all work!

I was asked to bring Nana to be part of (55+ version!!!!) women. raw. honest. loved.. & to my suprise, Alana wanted me to be part of it as well, although, I’m much too young ;). Of course, I said yes! You are about to see more about me then you care to, I’m sure!

If you haven’t already caught Alana’s other 2 women. raw. honest. loved. projects on freshly pressed, please scroll through them! These are powerful & amazing & I was honored to be asked to be part of it!

Now . . . who needs some detergent?!


via (55+ version!!!!) women. raw. honest. loved..

from laughter to tears…and back again. a video montage of the first women’s project!

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from laughter to tears…and back again. a video montage of the first women’s project!.

via from laughter to tears…and back again. a video montage of the first women's project!.

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We drive to Seattle at least once a year. Sometimes my son has appointments at Children’s Hospital, sometimes we’re just visiting…well, we always have people to visit.  My husband & I were raised south of Seattle & we have many friends & family here that make the trip special, regardless of the “why”.

When I posted about being out of town, this is what I was speaking of. 

I noticed that now that I’m making all of my own cleaning products, my “to do” list, as well as my packing list, were much different this time. Let me show you what I mean…

  • pack kids clothes (at least enough for 1 week)
  • bathroom stuff
  • laundry soap
  • dryer balls
  • my clothes (don’t forget party dress)
  • baking soda in shaker (for hair)
  • vinegar/water bottle (for hair)
  • homemade detangler (for hair)

…the packing list continued on a bit. Then there was the to-do list…

  • batch of dishwasher detergent (for hubby)
  • batch of surface cleaner (for hubby)
  • get snacks for the car
  • make natural fruit snacks for kids

I didn’t want to leave my husband low on something & force him to have to go to the store & buy something (or bring chemicals into the home that I’ve worked so hard at reducing!). I also know that because my youngest is still in cloth diapers, we’d be doing a lot of laundry the couple of weeks we’re staying with family, so we should bring our own.

Packing & Planning are more interesting when you make your own stuff, for sure (I literally almost packed surface cleaner & fabric fresher & bleach alternative too!). Heh. 

Make your home smell lovely w/o harmful chemicals!

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Make your home smell lovely w/o harmful chemicals!

“Out of Office”

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I will be out of town until the end of the month. Please feel free to email me your orders or questions, but know that I won’t be around to fill them until the first week of July.

Get out & enjoy the sun!

See you all later & thank you for supporting small business, families, & the environment!

Love & Peace,                                                                                                                        Paige

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