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I am disappointed in my dish soaps.

I made a powder detergent for the dishwasher & our water is SO hard here that it wasn’t rinsing very nicely. I found a recipe for a liquid dishwasher detergent…it’s only a little better.

I also have tried a couple of liquid dish soaps for hand-washing dishes. They are okay, but so far I’m not super impressed.

Here’s the deal…if you have purchased any of my dish soaps from me, I want to give you another product (the same ounces as your dish soap purchase)…anything you want.

And…I’m removing the dish soap from my product list until I find something that I’m completely happy with.



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I am the mother of 2 teenage boys a li'l toddler mud-skippin' princess. I'm a truth-seeking, peace-loving Unitarian Universalist, with an over-opinionated big mouth (& big brain to match). I'm married to my best friend! Just started my own business, I teach sexuality education, I am a part-time administrator, I am the Religious Education Coordinator at my church (, I am a special ed para-educator, specializing in autistic students. We love big, reuse, recycle, eat (reasonably) healthy, enjoy life, respect every living creature, & live in the last best place! Life is so good, & so exciting!!

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    It must be really hard to get a dish soap — so different from a body or face one — that actually cleans dishes, pans, silverware, all usually greasy or marked with foodstuffs AND keep it eco-friendly. Yours worked for me except that I kept re-loading the sponge too often which I didn’t mind although it meant I went through the bottle of soap pretty quickly. Do you look at the ingredients of other eco-friendly soaps, maybe there’s a clue in them. Rinsing here, by the way, wasn’t hard at all, it always rinsed cleanly.

  2. Re: Dishwasher soap. I’ve not tried your products yet but have tried a few DIY cleaners myself. I have well water, so it is also hard. The dishwasher soap recipe I tried left a film on my dishes so I ended up dumping it and going back to the eco friendly store bought stuff. However, I was still having issue with water spots. I had Jet Dry but didn’t really want to use it. I just poura few ‘glugs’ (!1/2 cup??) of vinegar from a gallon jug into the DW before I start it. My glasses have never sparkled like that before. I also use vinegar in place of fabric softener in my laundry.

    • I do recommend to people to use vinegar as a rinse agent in the dishawasher (whether or not they use my products).
      I haven’t thought about it as a fabric softener, but it totally makes sense! I use it as a rinse for my hair before I get out of the shower. I have natural frizz/curl (I call it the Eastern Euro Fro) & I find that it makes all the difference in manageability (without detangler or heavy conditioners).
      Vinegar is sort of a magic solution for me. You’ll notice, if you look in my product list, that I currently don’t have any floor cleaners listed. That’s because I can’t find anything (commercial or homemade) that works as well as vinegar & water! (And charging people for that seems wrong!)
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad it’s not just me that struggles with this. I’m actually okay with using my products in my own sink, but with how poorly I find them rinsing, I just can’t sell anymore. I’m still on the hunt though!!


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