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The 1st Business to Use My Products!

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The 1st Business to Use My Products!

Besides my business here, my 3 kids (4 if you count my beloved), I have other jobs…

  • I am on the substitute list as a special ed para-educator in our school district;
  • I am the Administrative Assistant at our spiritual home, Glacier UU Fellowship,;
  • I am now…wait for it…Religious Education (RE) Coordinator at Glacier UU Fellowship!

Yesterday, my birthday for anyone counting, I spent ALL day at the church with the RE Committee & a few of the classroom teachers getting the classrooms ready for the church year. Upon request, I provided Nontoxic Surface Cleaner to use in the classrooms so that we don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals around the kids.

Now I need to whip up a few gallons so that we can keep a back stock there too.

If anyone needs any, now would be a good time to put an order in!!!

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    Any reason my eMail in Comments isn’t moving? I have my eMail address correctly, but when I click send I get a notice saying it’s incorrect. What gives (not in a hurry for an answer)?


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