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July Special!

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My July Special is a little personal….so for those of you who don’t care much about this cause I apologize & you will get something special in August (I know I haven’t posted in a while, sorry, but you know we’ve been speaking offline, so…..what can I say?).

My church, Glacier Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, is one of only a handful of liberal religious churches within several hours drive. It literally is a beacon of light here for those of us here who want to raise our children in a church community & feel like we have nowhere else to go.

My special, like I said, is personal & supports a current fundraiser at the Fellowship. “Faithify” is a crowdfunding site sponsored by UUs. We have a project on there to help us pay for the keynote speakers that we have lined up to come & speak & do some workshops with us in September for our 50th Anniversary.


Now through the end of July…

if you mention this ad when you order

I will donate 20% of your purchase total

(not including shipping, or container fees) 

to GUUF’s Faithify Campaign! 


I don’t usually use my business to help my church, I don’t want any of my customers or followers to get the wrong idea here. But there are few churches locally who do as much locally for human rights, equality, social action, & educating youth about these issues as this Fellowship does & these things are near & dear to me. Helping out for a couple of weeks is what we should be doing in small towns.

Local businesses helping out a local nonprofit feels good. If you feel the same & happen to be low on laundry detergent, I’m making a batch this week, shoot me a message and I’ll fill you up!




About prappleye

I am the mother of 2 teenage boys a li'l toddler mud-skippin' princess. I'm a truth-seeking, peace-loving Unitarian Universalist, with an over-opinionated big mouth (& big brain to match). I'm married to my best friend! Just started my own business, I teach sexuality education, I am a part-time administrator, I am the Religious Education Coordinator at my church (, I am a special ed para-educator, specializing in autistic students. We love big, reuse, recycle, eat (reasonably) healthy, enjoy life, respect every living creature, & live in the last best place! Life is so good, & so exciting!!

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    My business’ July special helps out my small UU Fellowship! Check it out!

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