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I am a stay-at-home of 3 beautiful children.  After my middle child was diagnosed with cancer, & then I had my 3rd child the following year, I became a bit obsessed with chemicals.  They are in everything! The products that are “natural” & don’t contain as many toxins are overpriced, & you are still paying for the fossil fuels that brought the product to our little corner of heaven & have to deal with the packaging.

I began making my own products to save us money…& so that I would know every ingredient I was using in my home.  Then it occurred to me…if I were working outside the home, I wouldn’t have time to make my own products. I figured there were plenty of folks here locally who don’t have the time to research & make their own products, but do prefer to buy natural cleaners in stores.  Would those people give locally made products a try?   That’s where it began!

I fill your containers with my products, each batch made with love, just for you.  I also reuse your extra containers to bottle for others so you don’t have to drive them to a recycling site.  Taking care of our families, communities, & environment together.

Please contact me & find out how I can help you clean your home naturally.

Paige Rappleye

k(No)w More: Natural, Nontoxic Products for the Home

Kalispell, MT


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