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Did you know…?

It is National Bulk Foods Week!

I know that not all consumer goods are foods, but I am a huge fan & believer in buying things in bulk.

To help celebrate…

All Orders of 1 gallon or more (any product, whether you are supplying the packaging or not) are 20% off until 11:59pm Saturday the 19th!

It’s a good time to “bulk up” on your favorite products!


Tis the season for some Witches Brew!

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Tis the season for some Witches Brew!

Just kidding!
It’s full of Laundry Detergent, made with Love, by me!
Put your orders in before it disappears!

Ditch the Gatorade for this DIY Electrolyte drink!

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Ditch the Gatorade for this DIY Electrolyte drink!

The 1st Business to Use My Products!

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The 1st Business to Use My Products!

Besides my business here, my 3 kids (4 if you count my beloved), I have other jobs…

  • I am on the substitute list as a special ed para-educator in our school district;
  • I am the Administrative Assistant at our spiritual home, Glacier UU Fellowship,;
  • I am now…wait for it…Religious Education (RE) Coordinator at Glacier UU Fellowship!

Yesterday, my birthday for anyone counting, I spent ALL day at the church with the RE Committee & a few of the classroom teachers getting the classrooms ready for the church year. Upon request, I provided Nontoxic Surface Cleaner to use in the classrooms so that we don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals around the kids.

Now I need to whip up a few gallons so that we can keep a back stock there too.

If anyone needs any, now would be a good time to put an order in!!!

Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash

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Homemade Peppermint Mouthwash

The only thing I may edit, is to make sure that you use food grade peppermint oil. Granted, you don’t drink your mouthwash, you spit it out, you often accidentally swallow a little. I’m going to try this soon though. I currently use Tom’s Natural mouthwash at home, but hey! If I can make it, & it works…I don’t have to buy it!

If you try it, please write reviews & leave them in the comments here! 

Some great tips on insect control!

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Fresh Batch of Hand Soap!

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I just made over a gallon of hand soap…

Come an’ get it! (heehee)

~your happy homemaker 

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