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“Hi Paige – I finally got to try the furniture polish & it worked well. I will see how it wears. I haven’t had a lot of time to be polishing furniture since this is one of the busiest times of year at work, but I’m trying one piece of furniture at time. I started with my oak computer desk tonight & it came out very nice. I really liked that the polish did not have a strong odor to smell up the house & it is not overly oily. It went on easily & soaked right into the wood without leaving a residue. It’s wonderful sitting at my computer now with such nicely cared for wood. I’m inspired to do more. . .” -Linda

“This is my shirt after a day’s work. ‘yes I’m a girl’. Tar from roofing felt. Dust from being two storied up on a ladder during a dust storm. Dust from drilling a hole in concrete. Misc glue from pipes. Some Oh and blood cuz I cut my finger. Long story its clean and can be worn another work day. Thanks Paige” -Janet

“The products are great; thanks Paige for doing this!” -Karen


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