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Tis the season for some Witches Brew!

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Tis the season for some Witches Brew!

Just kidding!
It’s full of Laundry Detergent, made with Love, by me!
Put your orders in before it disappears!



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Through the end of August…

Any time you order Laundry Detergent & Bleach Substitute on the same invoice I will give you a 25% discount on your entire order!

If you order Glass Cleaner & Surface Cleaner together…guess what?!                                         25% discount on your entire order!

Container fees or delivery fees not discounted. Product quantities must be 12oz minimum each for discount to apply.

coupon code = 25summer13


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I am disappointed in my dish soaps.

I made a powder detergent for the dishwasher & our water is SO hard here that it wasn’t rinsing very nicely. I found a recipe for a liquid dishwasher detergent…it’s only a little better.

I also have tried a couple of liquid dish soaps for hand-washing dishes. They are okay, but so far I’m not super impressed.

Here’s the deal…if you have purchased any of my dish soaps from me, I want to give you another product (the same ounces as your dish soap purchase)…anything you want.

And…I’m removing the dish soap from my product list until I find something that I’m completely happy with.


Happy Monday!

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I hope that you all are enjoying our beautiful spring weather that we’ve been having.

My favorite thing is my daughter noticing all of the subtle changes outside. We go for walks almost every morning, she in her stroller with me behind. I’ll see her point to something, so I’ll look . . .

“Are you looking at the trees, honey?”

“Yeah, Mommyo, uh huh!”

“Let’s say good morning to the trees. Good morning trees. Thank you for growing leaves to help shade us from the sun.”

“Goomoornin twees!”

We do this for everything she notices. Remembering to be grateful for all of the things provided by the planet is a great way to start the morning. Even the bugs, & spiderwebs, & wind…they all serve a purpose.

Now it’s time to get the boys off to school so that we can take our magical walk & say “Goomoorin” to everything & everyone we see. Then I’ll be making some new treats for you all to enjoy! 

I’m currently testing an all natural liquid dishwasher detergent….watch for a post with the results later on today!

Have a wonderful day & don’t forget that being grateful is an action, not a feeling!


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