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The 1st Business to Use My Products!

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The 1st Business to Use My Products!

Besides my business here, my 3 kids (4 if you count my beloved), I have other jobs…

  • I am on the substitute list as a special ed para-educator in our school district;
  • I am the Administrative Assistant at our spiritual home, Glacier UU Fellowship,;
  • I am now…wait for it…Religious Education (RE) Coordinator at Glacier UU Fellowship!

Yesterday, my birthday for anyone counting, I spent ALL day at the church with the RE Committee & a few of the classroom teachers getting the classrooms ready for the church year. Upon request, I provided Nontoxic Surface Cleaner to use in the classrooms so that we don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals around the kids.

Now I need to whip up a few gallons so that we can keep a back stock there too.

If anyone needs any, now would be a good time to put an order in!!!

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We drive to Seattle at least once a year. Sometimes my son has appointments at Children’s Hospital, sometimes we’re just visiting…well, we always have people to visit.  My husband & I were raised south of Seattle & we have many friends & family here that make the trip special, regardless of the “why”.

When I posted about being out of town, this is what I was speaking of. 

I noticed that now that I’m making all of my own cleaning products, my “to do” list, as well as my packing list, were much different this time. Let me show you what I mean…

  • pack kids clothes (at least enough for 1 week)
  • bathroom stuff
  • laundry soap
  • dryer balls
  • my clothes (don’t forget party dress)
  • baking soda in shaker (for hair)
  • vinegar/water bottle (for hair)
  • homemade detangler (for hair)

…the packing list continued on a bit. Then there was the to-do list…

  • batch of dishwasher detergent (for hubby)
  • batch of surface cleaner (for hubby)
  • get snacks for the car
  • make natural fruit snacks for kids

I didn’t want to leave my husband low on something & force him to have to go to the store & buy something (or bring chemicals into the home that I’ve worked so hard at reducing!). I also know that because my youngest is still in cloth diapers, we’d be doing a lot of laundry the couple of weeks we’re staying with family, so we should bring our own.

Packing & Planning are more interesting when you make your own stuff, for sure (I literally almost packed surface cleaner & fabric fresher & bleach alternative too!). Heh. 

Natural Hair Care

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Natural Hair Care

How do thick, curly-haired girls keep their hair healthy & happy looking without chemicals?
We make a paste with baking soda & a little water & rub it in like shampoo. Comb it throughout your hair & let sit for a few minutes. Then spritz with 1:6 ratio apple cider vinegar water mixture, massage & comb through again. Rinse with water & (optional) spray with homemade detangler (1tbsp your favorite conditioner per 8oz warm water & shake) & comb!

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