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“Out of Office”

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I will be out of town until the end of the month. Please feel free to email me your orders or questions, but know that I won’t be around to fill them until the first week of July.

Get out & enjoy the sun!

See you all later & thank you for supporting small business, families, & the environment!

Love & Peace,                                                                                                                        Paige


Natural Hair Care

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Natural Hair Care

How do thick, curly-haired girls keep their hair healthy & happy looking without chemicals?
We make a paste with baking soda & a little water & rub it in like shampoo. Comb it throughout your hair & let sit for a few minutes. Then spritz with 1:6 ratio apple cider vinegar water mixture, massage & comb through again. Rinse with water & (optional) spray with homemade detangler (1tbsp your favorite conditioner per 8oz warm water & shake) & comb!


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I just finished a batch of Laundry Detergent this morning. It’s a good time to order!

So Excited!

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Everyday, someone tells me that they love what I’m trying to do with my business, or they love some of my products, or they email me product ideas or requests…

It’s so nice to feel useful as more than a mommy (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Thank you for giving me a read. If you like something that you see, please “follow” me or contact me (even if you are far away). I’d love to hear from you!


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